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Cyclone Yash relief

Cyclone Yash had triggered immeasurable ravages in different parts of Bengal. According to the official reports, the extent of this ruthless devastation was close to 15,000 crore INR. The spectacles of the widespread devastation would definitely be touted as heartrending. This is a cause in which we could not run counter to our roles. 

We made an initiative to step forward and stand by those who had been terribly affected by the ruthless cyclone. The entire team of Upkar Welfare Foundation has taken a pivotal role in distributing Yash relief to those who had to agonize the deplorable wrath of Cyclone Yash. We initiated our relief campaigns to recompense something to those whose lives have been shrunk to penury. While staging a combat against the ravages of Cyclone Yash, we could anticipate the unlimited strength which was there in our combined capacity to assemble preliminary plans and resilient action steps. While orchestrating rehabilitation and disaster relief, our chief motto was to ensure a better survival atmosphere for those whom we are bringing back to a state of normalcy out of the jaws of immediate peril. 

Our field workers worked day and night to look after those who were suffering. Here’s how we enlisted put services:

  • People were evacuated to safe places such as relief centres, high areas and handy school buildings in the localities.
  • Our team tried consistently to mitigate the water issues.
  • We discarded trees (which were uprooted by the vehement storm) and made roads clutter free.
  • We made it a point to provide all sorts of support facilities to the respective rehabilitation centres where people had taken refuge.


We believe that we can modulate things in a never failing manner provided you keep up supporting our cause. It does not hurt much when you bestow your blessings and good wishes through your genuine and heartfelt contributions. These small contributions pile up and make a blessed difference in the lives of others.

If you too believe that we should resort to sustainable practices to save our environment from the ongoing level of degradation, help us make the change happen. For a better environment around us, donate and make a difference in many lives. Help us enhance the bio-diversity of Earth. 

You make a living by what you get, but you can make a life by what you give

Sharing is caring; as the adage goes. When you give something, it shows that you care for humanity. It is a great gesture and by doing so you can become part of a communal experience. When you share, you ignite a trail and others will follow suit. This way, you can take your first step to make the world a better place. With your action, you can spread undiluted happiness. 

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