Upkar Welfare Foundation

Disaster Relief

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Any disaster happens to be catastrophic and we understand the vehement impact it could hurl on human life. It could be something like a living nightmare. So, we try to show up in the event of any such untoward calamity striking hard on the humanity and human lives around us. We prefer to show up with great passion and force so that we can combat the situation and fetch some soothing relief to those who have suffered from the sad circumstances.

When it comes to the context of the most trusted and countable disaster relief organizations in India, the appellation of Upkar Welfare Foundation comes forward with its unmistakable panache. As an award winning disaster management ngo, we lay stress on preparedness and prompt response in the form of disaster management initiatives. When we dedicate ourselves to the task, we plan ahead of time so that the rescue operations become as smooth as possible.

What can we do to cater streamlined disaster management solutions?

As part of the most prestigious and responsible disaster relief organizations in India, we look after

  • Making arrangements for foodstuffs and beverages
  • Making room for survival options
  • Making room for emergency services

We had to go through innumerable challenges while trying to bring rapid disaster relief to the victims. We believe that we can add more speed to the relief work provided we gain your trust and support.

Medical support for the victims Take care of the livelihood options and shelter

Do your bit to make our initiatives attain success. Donate and make a difference in those lives that have been disaster victims. 

You make a living by what you get, but you can make a life by what you give

Sharing is caring; as the adage goes. When you give something, it shows that you care for humanity. It is a great gesture and by doing so you can become part of a communal experience. When you share, you ignite a trail and others will follow suit. This way, you can take your first step to make the world a better place. With your action, you can spread undiluted happiness. 

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