Upkar Welfare Foundation

Health and nutrition

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Proper diet and the privileges for good health are some privileges which no one should be denied of. 

Upkar Welfare Foundation has a sturdy and consistent role to play in the discipline of Health and nutrition. We have been the frontrunners when it comes to promoting the cause of health rights for various weaker segments of the present day society.

Till date we have been associated with an abundant number of health programs so that ailments can be thwarted. We are concerned with the health issues which could sprout or germinate in the midst of this pandemic situation. Thus, we are geared up to operate full-scale and run a multitude of health care programs in various levels of the society to give rise to health awareness. 

Likewise, we choose to work on the aspect of providing proper nutrition and care to the needy as well as the street children. We make sure to fetch in a standard repertoire of health care facilities through our platform.  While catering to the health and nutrition needs of the diverse expanse of the society, we would choose to assist people with great quality of food stuffs that would unfasten the true potentials of a decent and hygienic lifestyle for all and sundry.     

We appreciate your passion to give and thus implore you to spread happiness with what you contribute.

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