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Health check-up camp

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We always dwell on the dream that we can stave off the ominous impact of deadly diseases from the surface of the Earth. This is the reason why we are striving to give rise to an influential and dependable health care system in the society. This is a lofty aspiration which we cherish as a trusted health NGO in India

Upkar Welfare Foundation has been conducting regular Health check-up camps for quite some time. Contributing to the cause of preventive health care and attention would be what we specialize in. We realize our responsibilities as a health ngo in India and we are geared up to thwart the challenges as well as gruesome health issues which sprout among various underprivileged communities in India. 

While overseeing a free health check-up camp, we ensure that we keep a sharp vigil on what’s going on. There would be some quintessential steps which we just incorporate in the process. For example, the free health check-up camps will encompass some highly essential components such as: 

  • Specialized tests
  • Free check-ups provided by renowned doctors
  • Haemoglobin and blood sugar level checking
  • Special monitoring sessions
  • Taking care of free medicine distributions
  • Providing proper diagnosis

These aforementioned tasks, which we embark on and initiate so proficiently for marginalized communities, will be based on the needs of those who will be the ultimate recipients of these services.

You make a living by what you get, but you can make a life by what you give

Sharing is caring; as the adage goes. When you give something, it shows that you care for humanity. It is a great gesture and by doing so you can become part of a communal experience. When you share, you ignite a trail and others will follow suit. This way, you can take your first step to make the world a better place. With your action, you can spread undiluted happiness. 

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