Upkar Welfare Foundation


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Adopt A Project

Every person on this Earth should have their share of morsel. Since the pandemic broke out, the world has experienced an unprecedented nightmare. It is the first time that the whole world got to notice and infer something as a “Lockdown”. This is imposed on human lives all over the world. As a result, professional and commercial activities came to a halt as a global phenomenon. The situation definitely took its severe toll. To combat this situation, Upkar came up with food distribution for poor.

Brand Building

Cause Related Marketing (CRM)

Upkar Welfare Foundation tends to accomplish this lofty mission unfailingly.  Every individual who works in our organization is ready to delve deep into this noble initiative. Every team member participates in this cause to ensure the success of this endeavors to its fullest potential.

To mitigate the need of the suffering humanity, Upkar Welfare Foundation furnishes a specific program, known as food distribution for poor. Through this initiative, it is ensured that the pang of acute hunger is fulfilled for good.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Adopt A Project

It is indeed a great necessity and we are trying to do whatever we can, in this aspect. If you share a vibe with this faith which propels us at work, we would implore you to contribute according to your capacity. This way, you will help us nurture a society that can boast of equality in the true sense.

You make a living by what you get, but you can make a life by what you give

Sharing is caring; as the adage goes. When you give something, it shows that you care for humanity. It is a great gesture and by doing so you can become part of a communal experience. When you share, you ignite a trail and others will follow suit. This way, you can take your first step to make the world a better place. With your action, you can spread undiluted happiness. 

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