Upkar Welfare Foundation

NGO for women empowerment

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Thus, Upkar Welfare Foundation is simply more than what you should call an NGO for women empowerment. Here, we render our best efforts to carve a shelter and an abode of peace which women (troubled, tortured and underprivileged) can have faith in. So, help us provide genuine care to women in need and empower their lives. Donate with an open mind so that we can do more for these women who have suffered a lot but still demonstrate the desire to fight back against the endless series of injustice in different social strata.  

It is a well-known truth that women had to be subjected to violence as well as gender discrimination for centuries. Though the situation is improving, there is a lot which needs to be done. We are taking an important initiative in this regard using the platform of Upkar Welfare Foundation.

Our organization is taking the lead in respect of rescuing rural women from the clench of sexual abuse as well as domestic violence. Most of the time, they have to be subjected to a gruesome level of patriarchal control and misogyny. We make sure that we take the initiative in the form of an accredited NGO for women empowerment and ameliorate them from the ongoing social injustice which are taking a toll on them. 

We not only provide counselling but help them with legal justice, if needed. We look after the needs of women who crave for empowerment in their lives.

If you think that we are working for a noble cause, we plead you to do your bit and contribute according to your might.

Donate and make a difference in many lives.

You make a living by what you get, but you can make a life by what you give

Sharing is caring; as the adage goes. When you give something, it shows that you care for humanity. It is a great gesture and by doing so you can become part of a communal experience. When you share, you ignite a trail and others will follow suit. This way, you can take your first step to make the world a better place. With your action, you can spread undiluted happiness. 

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