Upkar Welfare Foundation

Safety and protection

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Everyone in the society should have the privilege to enjoy a safe and protective atmosphere or ambiance. We pledge our allegiance to a safety first social order. 

Upkar Welfare Foundation is dedicated to give rise to an atmosphere of Safety and protection for the poor, the needy and the weaker segments of the society. Our programs are meant to endow divergent sections of the society with proper access to interactive Safety and protection features. 

Till date, there are many underprivileged members of the society who have constant exposure to threats and hazardous environments. These threat elements are nefarious enough in terms of threatening their ties to the whole society. We cannot let them become vulnerable to fatal environments, physical or mental abuse as well as social neglect. To mitigate the situation which they have been thrust into, serving our safety and protection programs to play. The basic motto of the program is to ensure that they are immune to any kind of exploitation. After all, everyone in this society has access to a protected environment. 

Through our earnest activities and sincere initiatives, we genuinely intend to give rise to a new social order where everyone should receive the privileges of occupational safety and health care measures.  

If you share the same vibes and wave length that we do, we would like to communicate a simple request. We will ask you to make heartfelt contributions so that some people can find their way back to safety as well as protection.

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